Andrea Oranje

Leasing Agent / Marketing Coordinator

Phone: ‪(925) 487-7858‬


Andrea Oranje Photo

Andrea is the 4th generation in a long line of successful Realtors and Escrow
Officers. She is an honest, hardworking and energetic agent. Her passion for
Real Estate and unbridled commitment to providing only the utmost in
customer service relations have made it possible for her to help many
valued clients in purchasing and selling real estate. Andrea Oranje joined
Darby Group as a selling agent and marketing specialist, offering a wealth
of experience. She is a great fit for the continued growth and success of the
team approach in helping to achieve the goals and objectives of the
DDarby Group. In her words, “I decided to work with David because he
exudes such great positive energy. He is extremely humble and very family
oriented. He is one of those people that immediately you trust and want to
be around. Picking a team is very stressful but in this case it wasn’t for me
because after meeting David I knew I wanted to be a part of his team. I
feel so blessed to be a part of this great team and look forward to
contributing to the success of the DDarby Group.