I highly recommend David and his wife with their team.

"I highly recommend David and his wife with their team. They were exceptional in their expertise and guidance to us as home renters and sellers. David's knowledge is outstanding as he was able to predict the housing market and when would be the most ripe time to sell. He also helped us negotiate with our tenants in vacating the home and found the perfect home buyers. Selling a home can be a very stressful process but David was able to help us smooth out many of the rough edges along the way and even sell at a rate $15,000 higher than we asked for. David did extensive research in finding the staffing and companies to help us beautify the home prior to selling. His patience is incredible as he was with us every step of the way from choosing tenants to inspecting the home to reviewing the contract multiple times to the renovations to the final sale. He did this for us all even when we were in a different part of the state. He did a phenomenal job of getting close to the exact closing time we wanted."

— Shijuan, Xiping, Anne